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 Rules of the VRS

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PostSubject: Rules of the VRS   Wed Apr 13, 2011 9:37 pm

Unlike the Tatroi Arena, the VRS makes it possible to RP a battle for anything. You want to be a Air Dragon that takes on a Vendeeni battleship, we can do that. You want to single handedly fight an army of Executioners on your own terms? We can do that too. The only limit to the VRS is your imagination.

Now, seeing how the usual battling is not used, because you can be or fight anything. The judging for battles will be based on the writing capabilities of the combatants. This means that if you are a 13 foot dragon fighting a 3 mile long Vendeeni battleship, either combatant can win, not by judging the battle itself, but how each writer RPs the actions of the character you are fighting as.

In the VRS, the rules of battling are the same as RPing outside of it. This means that there is no god modding, mary sues, or metagaming will be tolerated. If you make a all powerful Symbologist that has mastered every kind of magic, you WILL be deducted points for it.

So just remember, it isn't really about who wins or dies, but who can out write the other.
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Rules of the VRS
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