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 Open Challenges

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PostSubject: Open Challenges   Wed Apr 13, 2011 9:27 pm

This is the forum you use to accept and post challenges for the VRS (Virtual Reality Simulator). Remember, the VRS can create anything possible. From dragons to lava beasts to kittens, it can do it all. When submitting an open challenge, please message a moderator to create the battle and to judge it. When submitting, please use the following form:

Fighting Character Name: (If applicable)
Fighting Character Species: (Featherfolk, Fellpool, Dragon, or anything else)
Appearance: (eg 12 foot long Air Dragon)
Symbology: (If applicable and limit to respectable abilities)
Weapons: (If applicable and within reason)
Armour: (If applicable and makes sense...no indestructible armor)
Personality: (Brief description of what to expect from your character)
Arena Setting: (If applicable, list a brief description of where your challenge will take place)
Other Noteable Points: (Anything else not covered above that you may wish to note here, ie abilities that you may rely on having use of during the fight)
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Open Challenges
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