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 The Story So Far

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PostSubject: The Story So Far   Mon Apr 11, 2011 9:26 pm

This RP site is based five hundred years after the events of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. The date is S.D 1272. The existence of the creators, the 4th Dimensional Beings, are widely accepted and are treated with the utmost respect. The major military powers of the Pangalactic Federation and Quark were smashed and scattered by the intervention of the 4th Dimensional Beings five hundred years prior. Since then, Quark went underground, hoping that the 4th Dimensional Beings can make sure the Pangalactic Federation keeps out of trouble. The Pangalactic Federation has since shrouded their agendas in mystery, and the Vendeeni disbanded their major warships. Three hundred years after the intervention, the 4th Dimensional Beings brought back the planet Energy Nede, which was destroyed when Claude C. Kenny and his friends used the Symbol of Annihilation and the Symbol of Divinity on the planet and its shields. All in all, the military superiority of any nation was wiped clean, and no one dared to go too far in their own agenda.

But lately, with the uneasy peace in the Milky Way, the 4th Dimensional Beings directed their attention to creating other dimensions. They almost took for granted the peace in the 3rd Dimension. Now the Milky Way is left with little to no supervision. Yet no one knows officially that the 4th Dimensional Beings have left the universe unattended, but there are those who are willing to see how far they can go before another intervention occurs...
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The Story So Far
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