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 The Capital City

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PostSubject: The Capital City   The Capital City EmptyMon Apr 11, 2011 7:43 pm

The un-named Capital city on Vendeen shows off the technological prowess of the Vendeen. The city runs on green energy, and poses no harm to its environment. The crime rate in the city is almost non-existant, and the citizens are for the most part model citizens. The universities on the planet are centered around Time-Space, and because of this the Vendeen have learned things about our dimension that the Pangalactic Federation will probably never learn. In the main square, there are the four main buildings in the city. To the north lies the Capitol Building, where the political decisions of the planet are met. To the East is the University of Space, where the latest discoveries in Time-Space are found. To the south lies the Embassy, where other planets can interact with the planet. And finally to the West lies the Department of War, where the main body of the military is kept. The heads of the Department take residence here, and the actual military is kept on strongholds scattered across the planet.
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The Capital City
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