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 Planet Information

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PostSubject: Planet Information   Wed Jan 05, 2011 10:04 pm

The third planet of the Klaus System, Klaus III has no seasons due to its axial tilt of 0.4', is 1.2 AUs away from its parent star, and has a gravity of 2.4 G. Its atmosphere has only two-thirds of Earth's oxygen in terms of density. The oxygen is replaced by additional nitrogen. It is thought that the severity of this environment--low oxygen density and heavy gravity--is responsible for giving the Klausians their incredible physical capabilities. The surface of Klaus III is barren except for the Capital City, which has sparse vegetation because of the constant care they recieve. The capital city of Klaus III is almost as crowded as Earth, with approximately 2.5 billion Klausians living in the capital city. The capital city is relatively rustic and is dark. It is also the headquarters for the anti-federation organization Quark.
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Planet Information
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