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PostSubject: Area Information   Sat Jan 01, 2011 4:57 pm

Orbiting the planet of Tetragenesis, there are four satellites. These satellites were made to house the people of Tetragenesis after a series of solar flares made living on the planet itself impossible. Each satellite has the same layout, with a space port build pointing out towards space, the residential area in the middle of the satellite, and the shield generators closest to the planet, to shield the satellite from solar flares. These four satellites also work as the starbases for the planet. Each one houses multiple squadrons of bombers for defense against an enemy fleet. There are no battleships present at Tetragenesis because there is not a planet itself to guard. There is a medium cruiser stationed outside of the gravity field of Tetragenesis to hold off an impending attack while reinforcements warp in.
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Area Information
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