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 Rules for Factions

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PostSubject: Rules for Factions   Rules for Factions EmptyFri Dec 31, 2010 4:33 pm

All factions need at least three members to be created. All factions also need a HQ or base for themselves. When you request a faction, you must put the faction leaders and the requested base for the faction in the request faction form. Your HQ can be a planet. You must request the name for the planet and the sector it is located in.

Rules for Planetary Bombardment
When your faction participates in bombarding the enemy base before landing troops, you may NOT bombard a canon location (a place that existed in the franchise) but you may bomb the faction's HQ. Needless to say, the location of the HQ cannot be hidden within a canon location, and when requesting a base make sure to place it outside of a canon location. If it HAS to be in a canon location, make sure it is still able for planetary bombardment.

When your faction raises an army, your faction has 600 points to allocate where you wish. When you raise the army, the race of the soldiers must match up with the characters in your faction. For example, your character that consists of Fellpool cannot raise an army of Klausians. The points used for each race is used as follows

Blue Dolphin: 1 point, small, light units that are small blue dolphins.

Human/Fellpool/Vendeeni: 2 points

Klausian/Featherfolk: 3 points because Klausians are better suited for combat than Human or Fellpool. Featherfolk because not only are they not big on combat, that they are proficient at Symbology. You must RP Featherfolk joining your army separately because of they aren't a warring race.

When you are arming your troops the allocation goes as follows.

Light armor: 1 point

Medium armor: 2 points

Heavy armor : 3 points

Sword: 1 point

Brass knuckles: .5 points

Bow and Arrow: 1 points

Staves for Symbology (helps your army with casting symbology): 2 points

Rules for Space Fleets

When your faction builds a space fleet, your faction has 300 points to work with. Here are the ships you can choose from and their point deductions.

Battleship : 20 points, These are the flagships of the armadas, heavy warships with planetary bombardment weapons. Heavy batteries and high tolerance hulls.

Heavy Destroyer class battle cruisers: 15 points, Cruisers armed with heavy batteries and planetary bombardment weapons. It sacrifices offense for defense, and have a light hull.

Large Carrier: 10 points, carries up to 12 single man fighters. Good for assaulting smaller ships from a distance. Light batteries for self defense.

Battle Cruisers: 5 points, the workhorse of the Pangalactic and Quark fleets. Medium batteries and hulls that are adept for assaulting in packs.

Carrier: 5 points, carries up to 6 single man fighters. No weapons, has to be protected or it will be left wide open for assault.

Missile Batteries: 5 points, batteries charged with protecting your planet from planetary bombardment.

Boarding Craft: 5 points, a boarding craft used to transport troops from ship to ship, or from ship to planet. Maximum of 30 troops can be held in this ship. It has two single man turrets for protection.

Extra hull upgrades: 2 points

Upgraded batteries: 2 points

Flagship - 1 Per Armada, 10+ Character Bonus
You may only have one flagship per faction, and you can name it/build it however you like. The only limitations is that your flagship can only have one special offense or defense upgrade. That meaning that your Flagship can either have a better hull or better guns on it, but not both. It is NOT an invincible ship, and can be destroyed. It is merely a bonus given to factions with more than 10 unique members. (Members with 10 different IP addresses)

When you make your first army and armada, you can make them instantly. After you lose forces however, you must RP the training and arming of the forces for 2 weeks in real time.

In the event that your faction is defeated and fled from your HQ, you can request a different HQ or land on a nearby planet to replenish your forces to launch a counterattack to take your HQ back.

In the event of a war you pm the person you wish to war with. Also PM a mod to make sure that we know that there is a war in that sector. If you wish, you can make it a private war that other characters and factions cannot fight in. It can be either open or closed.
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Rules for Factions
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