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 Races Your Character Can Be

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This is a list of people that your character can be. Your character cannot be a 4D being or a Expellian because Expel was destroyed in the events of Star Ocean: A second story. Also you cannot be a member of the Old Race, seeing how were the first advanced beings in the galaxy, where they developed a civilization on Roak before going to Earth to make a civilization there. The Old Race is also called the Muah. All remnants of the Old Race have faded into memory, even though built the civilization on Earth before disappearing again.

"A generic term for bipedal species that are descendants of anthropoids. The majory of Earth's beings, the establisher of the Terran Alliance, belong to this race. They do not have tails, and compared to Fellpools, their animal-like senses of hearing and smell are not as sharp as a result of evolution. However, they are highly knowledgable and exhibit great competence in the field of science and technology."

The main inhabitants of the planet Expel, making up ninty percent of the whole population. They don't appear to be much different from Earthlings, but some Expellians do sometimes display feline characteristics, as they are a hybrid species between a race very similar to humans, possibly Nedians and Fellpool. Expelians are supposed to look younger than their actual ages when compared with other races. By SD 772, the bloodlines of the last Nedians had been absorbed into the Expellian race, manifesting every so often as a long-eared Expellian with symbols imprinted upon his DNA.


They are a humanoid race that descended from felines. Fellpools bear an astonishing resemblance to Earthlings, the only physical difference being the tails that extend from their posteriors and the greater variety of ear shapes. The Fellpool are also extremely curious. They have exceptionally strong senses of smell and hearing, as well as powerful night vision. Fellpool are the racial majority on planet Roak, and can be rarely found on the planet Expel, and are ancestors to the Expellian race.

A branch of this species is the Lesser Fellpool, or Ur-Felinefolk, which is a less developed type of Fellpool, being an intermediate between a cat and a human.


They are human in look, but have two very distinct features: great angelical wings, and the ability to fly. Many can be found in the mountains of the Silvalant Continent on Roak, but can also be found on some other planets, like the Sanmite Republic on Elicoor II. They are able to use Symbology with great proficiency, without tattooing the symbols on their bodies, as they possess the symbols themselves inscribed on their DNA, although this doesn't happen to a minority of Featherfolk.


A race that lives in a group of four artificial satellites that orbit the planet Tetragenesis, in the Eta Sector. The Tetrageniots have a strict social structure, and the society is run by four noble houses, one in each satellite. Decisions for all Tetrageniots are made at councils that are convened from court nobles of all four houses. The most distinguishing characteristic of the Tetrageniots is without doubt the third eye in the middle of their forehead. Tetrageniots make some the best gunners around. Since they are able to see things with a total of three eyes, their spatial perception is superior to most other races.


It is a humanoid race and a variant of the Fellpool, who has evolved from tigers. Highlanders are usually physically stronger than most races, and can be found in the Astralian Continent, on planet Roak.

A sentient race that lives on Klaus III and IV. This race possesses excellent motor reflexes and hand-eye coordination, and it is said that the average Klausian can easily surpass a top Earthling in every aspect of physical capability. Klausians respect self-reliance, and regardless of the fact that more than a century has passed since first contact was made with this race, they still do not belong to the Pangalactic Federation, or to any other multi-planetary government for that matter. Klausians are also known for having an external appearance that very closely resembles that of Earthlings. If they didn't have three distinguishing green lines around their necks, they would resemble Earthlings with extremely good physiques.


A sentient race living on the planet Vendeen. First contact with the Vendeeni occurred in the year 710 SD. The Vendeeni are descended from a shark-like cartilaginous fish, and their skin is very pale from the back down to the waist. Although the Vendeeni are one of the few races with technology rivaling that of the Pangalactic Federation and the Aldian Empire, they rarely interact with outsiders and much of Vendeeni technology is still shrouded in mystery. The Vendeeni were the first race to accept the existence of their creators, and dedicate their resources to keep the balance of power in the Eternal Sphere.

A sentient race of humanoids living on the planet Lezonia. The Lezonians boasted a gigantic sphere of influence in the middle of the 4th century SD, and waged a number of major space wars with the Pangalactic Federation (then known as the Terran Alliance). Of all the known races still living today, Lezonians are one of the first to have succeeded in developing faster-than-light travel.

Their appearance is very human-like, with the exception of having pointy ears. Morphus can be found on En II.

Blue Dolphin

A marine race that lives in the city of Orba, which lies underneath an ocean on the planet Expel. As it is readily apparent, Blue Dolphins are descended from dolphins, but the race actually evolved the ability to live on land due to planetary pollution caused by the Energy Stone in 366 SD. However, the Blue Dolphins have a rough time living on land because their skin dries easily, and they can never stray too far from water.
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Races Your Character Can Be
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