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 The Purgatorium

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PostSubject: The Purgatorium   Sat Jan 01, 2011 2:29 pm

On the top of the cliffs overlooking the city of Tatroi is the Purgatorium. It was built by the Old Race before the Fellpool and the Highlanders arrived on Roak. The ancient building is one of the most technologically advanced areas on Roak. In the very back room house the Runes. The ancient guardians (some think they are the souls of the Old Race) of the Purgatorium, that guard the Eye of Truth. A fabled gem that can show the user anything he or she desires. It also is the key to the Demon World, a horrific place that was destroyed a hundred years ago before Roak entered the Space Age. The Purgatorium can only be reached by the cave system that can be found in behind the mountain that houses it.
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The Purgatorium
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