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 The Pangalactic Jail

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PostSubject: The Pangalactic Jail   The Pangalactic Jail EmptySat Jan 01, 2011 1:40 pm

In the midst of the dim and eerie expanse of the Industrial area of earth lies the single most dark things the Pangalactic Federation has ever created, the Pangalactic Jail. The main entrance of the jail is a mere elevator with a key card given to all employees. The elevator goes down a mile under the Earth's surface into a labyrinth of elevators, cells, and laboratories. This establishment holds all of the galaxies most wanted criminals. The most dangerous criminals are held in the bottom-most area, called the F-level. The higher the levels, the less dangerous the criminals are projected to be. Located in the D level is the Pangalactic Laboratories. Where they test out new biological advances on the prisoners. This practice is covered up. Most residents of Earth don't even know this place even exists.
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The Pangalactic Jail
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