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 Format for Submission - Must Read

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PostSubject: Format for Submission - Must Read   Sat Jan 01, 2011 1:16 pm

For your faction to be accepted into this site as a legitimate group, you must submit the information in the following format. Your faction must have at least 3 characters in it, all with unique IP addresses (in the circumstance that the following users are in the same family and are using the same computer, you must be able to prove this and it will be reviewed by the mods). You may format the group leaders in any way you like. When petitioning for a new faction, please specify the HQ and the location of the HQ. Also, please state the allegiance of your faction for future reference. Some of the possible allegiances are The Pangalactic Federation, Quark, any planet, or your own allegiance, where you do not belong to a higher power. Please also make a group mission, a main objective your faction has to RP. When the faction is created, please list that faction as your faction on your character sheet. No character can belong to more than one faction, but you may openly ask for an allegiance here in your thread with another existing faction. Where the leaders of that faction may post their answer in the same thread. Here is the format for posting.

Character Name:
Name of Faction:
Leader(s) of Faction:
Headquarters of Faction:
Location of Headquarters:
Group Mission:
Additional Information:
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Format for Submission - Must Read
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