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 Death and the 4th Dimension

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Death and the 4th Dimension Empty
PostSubject: Death and the 4th Dimension   Death and the 4th Dimension EmptySat Jan 01, 2011 1:07 pm

When your character dies, your soul gets teleported into the 4th Dimension. The beings that live in this dimension are the very beings that created the Eternal Sphere. The place where we live, what we call the universe. So in a word, you are going to RP with the gods. When you arrive there, you get to repent for your actions that resulted in your death, and in return, you get to learn one thing from the gods. This can be something like a greater style of swordfighting, a better way to make a bow or an arrow, or even a way to cast Symbology with less fatigue on your body. One thing about learning from the 4D Beings, is that you CANNOT learn to be invincible, cast Symbology with no fatigue cost, or learn to create an indestructible or invincible weapon. If you RP about learning something that will give you the possibility to "god mod" IC against other characters will result in your soul regenerating in the Pangalactic Jail on Earth. Where you will be forced to serve your sentence and your character will not remember anything about his stay in 4D space. If you are fair about your time in 4D space, your character will regenerate where he/she died. Please acknowledge that your character was scavenged by pirates while his body was lying there, and your ship was probably salvaged for parts. If another character was there during your death, you may RP that your ship was turned in at the local dock, where you may retrieve it with no charge.
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Death and the 4th Dimension
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