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 Rules for Individual RPing

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PostSubject: Rules for Individual RPing   Rules for Individual RPing EmptyFri Dec 31, 2010 4:29 pm

When RPing as an individual on this site. Some boundaries are to be met. Needless to say, your character cannot single handed rule the Pangalactic Federation or control a starship fleet of 50 battleships and wage war against everything sentient being in the Milky Way Galaxy. Here are the guidelines.

When your character is performing an action, please use bold. When you are narrating something, please use italics. When using an NPC, please underline the NPC's name then put his dialogue under his underlined name. Like followed:

Please sir, may I have some food?

True to the franchise, Fol is the currency used in this site. When acquiring Fol, your character can own a business, or you can raid a merchant ship once per week in real time. Your character can have Fol upon creation in this site. Please make it legit though, your character cannot have 1 million Fol when first entering the RP.

You may own one starship. This starship cannot be a battleship. It may have weapons and a gravitic warp drive to go from planet to planet. You may only own one starship. Think of it has a small scout ship or a private transport. When purchasing a starship, here are the prices for each ship class. You can manipulate the prices up and down as you wish, but with some realism. If your character buys a small ship for less than the price on this post, it will more than likely have some minor problems, or an older ship. If you purchase it for more than the price suggested, it will more than likely have an upgraded hull or a better weapon system.

Small scout ship: 5,000 Fol (Your character can have this ship upon creation) Fastest of the ship classes. Light hull armor and small weapons. Just big enough to have a Gravitic Warp Drive

Medium cruiser: 7,000 Fol, Has better armor and weapons than a Scout ship. Slower than a scout ship class. Upgraded Gravitic Warp Drive.

Large Carrier/ Cruiser: 10,000 Fol, Biggest ship your individual character can purchase. It has a high hull capacity for high tolerance for damage. The guns for this class are borderline battleship. The only thing it is missing is batteries that planetary bombardment. The slowest of the three classes.

If your character owns a business, your character can earn up to 250 Fol in one week real time. You must RP your character running this business to collect these earnings.

Phase guns are not allowed to be used on another Player Character. When RPing, a phase gun cannot be dodged and results in instant death. So we have decided to not allow them for use against PCs, but the use of the weapons against NPCs (Non-Player Characters) are permitted. Phase Blades (Sometimes referred to as bladeless swords) can be used. Although in this day and age the armor is built to withstand the damage from a phase blade much like a regular sword.

The weapons true to this franchise are similair to the kind of weapons in Final Fantasy, minus guns. You may use any kind of sword, bow, dagger, stave, or brass knuckle like weapon you want. As long as it is in the realm of possibility.

When using Symbology (magic) your character may have 4 healing abilities and 4 offensive abilities. You must list these abilities in your profile. Please be realistic in using this magic. If your character is not primarily a symbology user, it wouldn't be realistic for him to spawn a huge fireball that can wipe out an entire town.

No god-modding or mary sues. This is the act of cheating to make sure your character cannot lose. When this occurs, a fleet of Executioners will arrive and solve the situation.

When your character dies, his soul enters 4 Dimensional Space. Your soul will be consulted by the 4D beings. The creators of the Eternal Sphere, our universe. Once your character redeems his soul be spending time with the beings and being enlightened by their infinite knowledge. The moderators will monitor this RPing to make sure you didn't just skip out on this. Your character can learn many things from these beings. Like a new kind of swordfighting, or how to train your ship's crew to their maximum efficiency. They are also the makers of Symbology. Needless to say, when your character is enlightened by the 4D beings, your character does not become an all powerful being. Furthermore, your character dying randomly just so you can learn from these beings without cause will result in your character immediately coming back to life in your character being instantly re-animated where your character died.

When your character is Gravitic Jumping from planet to planet, please allow real world time for your character to jump. Needless to say, your character cannot gravitic jump from Earth to Roak in 30 seconds. Your ship's gravitic warp drive can be upgraded at a Pangalactic Federation shipyard located on every planet for 1000 Fol. This will allow you to warp between planets quicker.

When in a battle in RPing, you may not call damage. This is the act of saying that your opponent was hurt by your attack without giving your opponent the chance to defend his/herself. Here is an example.

Bob swung his sword at jim, cutting off his arm.

This is an example of proper battling:
Bob swung his sword at jim's shoulder at a forty five degree angle, with the intent of severing the limb.

Now, when it comes to your character facing an NPC character that is not owned by another character, you may call damage on that NPC.

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Rules for Individual RPing
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