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 Guide to Scoring

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PostSubject: Guide to Scoring   Guide to Scoring EmptySat Apr 16, 2011 8:21 pm

Wound - 1-5 pts (Judge's Discretion)
This covers any type on non-fatal wound that does not incapacitate or amputate a limb (or hand or foot), although fingers or toes amputations do count as wounds.

Destroying a Weapon - 1-2 pts
Damaging or destroying a weapon in any way that makes certain that your opponent cannot use it. Partial destruction will award 1 point, while fully destroying it will warrant the full 2 points. (EX: If you break a sword in half, and the opponent still uses it, you will more than likely get only 1 point for it.)

Amputation - 5-7 pts
Cutting off limbs. Starting at the feet and the wrists, additional points will be given based on the severity of the amputation.

Incapacitation - 7 pts
Bringing down an opponent to the point that he cannot fight back. This will not be awarded if a fatal strike was dealt before the incapacitation.

Killing an Opponent - 10 pts
Killing an opponent and ending the fight. Does not count if the opponent is incapacitated before the deadly strike is dealt.

Decapitation - 12 pts
The head leaving the neck area. Does not count if incapacitated before decapitation.

Tactical Strike - 1 pt
A light wound that has added complications. Like denting the shoulder plate on a Pangalactic Federation soldier. The dent will leave him unable to stretch certain ways, but also counts as damage because of the dent hurting him.

Deadly Wound
- 1 pt
A wound that will not kill immediately, but may later. One point for every deadly wound dealt.

Disarm - 1 pt
Knocking a weapon out of an opponents hand. Whether or not he can retrieve it later or if he does so.

Shocking Move - 1 pt
Any move that is so creative that it leaves the judges baffled and amazed. It must be legitimate though.

GM Punishment - (-2-5 pts)
This is in place to show people what they can NOT do while they are battling. The points will depend on the severity of the infringement.
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Guide to Scoring
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