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 Awards in the Arena

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PostSubject: Awards in the Arena   Awards in the Arena EmptySat Apr 16, 2011 2:48 pm

When dueling in the arena, there are certain awards for doing certain things. These awards are to be awarded at the judges discretion. If you feel that you deserve an award, then PM the moderator of your fight and request to have it looked over again.

Master of Combat Arms - 4 pts
This award is given to a person who successfully wields two weapons at the same time against his/her opponent. When using both weapons, your attacks have to hit at least 50% of the time. On top of this, make sure that two weapons you duel wield is at least realistic to the character. Needless to say, your Blue Dolphin will have a terribly hard time using two claymores against an opponent.

The Definitive Approach - 2 pts
This award is given to a writer who stays true to character. This is given only under the circumstance that the mod in charge of the fight thinks to himself "Man, that is truly that character" or "He is really true to that race."

Below the Belt - 1pt
This is given to a combatant that uses dirty fighting. This is not limited to: Hits to the groin, sand to the face, clawing at the eyes...

Ruthless - 3 pts
Attacking relentlessly while an opponent is down. Needless to say, you will only get the award for it. No points will be given from actual strikes delt to the opponent after the incapacitation.

Going in Outgunned - 1-5 pts (based on number of hits dealt)
You go against an armed opponent in a fight, with yourself being unarmed. In order to get this award, you need to deal at least one point of damage, and additional points will be awarded for additional hits.

Gutsy - 1pt
This is awarded to a fighter who has less armor than his opponent in a battle. (IE: Standard Iron Plate Armor vs Orichalum armor)

From the Afterlife - 2 pts
This is awarded to a person who dies in combat yet wins because he scored more points in the fight against his opponent.

The Weakest Link - 1 pt
Finding and exploiting a weakness of their opponent.

Well...This Sucks For You... - 2 pts
Disarming an opponent and using his/her weapon against him to score at least one point of damage.

The Cunning Combatant - 2 pt
Using deceptive tactics against an opponent to land a hit. (IE: Using cover, darkness, ambushing)

Heavy Lifter - 2-4 pts
Tossing your opponent more than three times, with at least one dealing damage. Also awarded for throwing a team mate into battle.

Creative Measures - 1 pt
Using a weapon in a way outside the its common use.

Quaker Roots - 4 pts
This award is given to a combatant that does not attack in an offensive manner the entire fight, but instead uses defensive measures as a form of fighting.

Offensive Ecologist - 1 pt
Using your environment during the battle.

Shhh... - 2 pts
Being thrown into a tag team match by your partner.
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Awards in the Arena
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