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 Arena Dueling Guide

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PostSubject: Arena Dueling Guide   Arena Dueling Guide EmptyFri Apr 15, 2011 3:49 pm

You're ready to step into the arena and prove you worth in battle? Alone or with a buddy? Well, you're in the right place, just a few more steps.

You can't do much fighting without an opponent, so you'll need to head to the Request for Duel forum. There you will see any challenges that have already been issued, or post one of your own, and even challenge a specific player. In such a post you would include the detail for the fight, such as hand to hand only, or no armor. Or, if you wish, you can arrange that once someone has accepted. You can also decide what kind of arena you would like, or leave that up to a mod.

With everything decided and all combatants ready for battle, the next step is to PM a mod with the details. Then, they should be able to set up your thread, post the rules, and get your fight started. Here's the format you should use for your PM:

Name of Fighters: Simple, just list the name of the combatants, and specify if there are teams.
Arena: This is where you will tell what kind of arena you want, and who you want to write it. Proper use of your surrounds can win a battle, and to use them, they have to be written well.
Criteria: Here is where you will post any special rules previously agreed upon.

A Mod will then post the thread, the rules, and the arena if it was asked of them. Then, it's time for the fighters to step into the ring.

Your first post, for fair RP, should include your character's race, size, and appearance. You are not required to go by the same specs on your profile, as you can vary your weapons and armor to try different styles. Be sure to post any important details about armor, weapons, abilities, and any other equipment. Once the fight has started, you will only be able to use these things and what's in the surrounds. Any modifications, even ones your opponent would have no way of knowing, need to be listed. This way, no one can pull anything out of thin air during the fight. And since OOC information cannot be used IC, any secrets you post will still be safe from the other combatants, unless of coarse they've seen them before. And make sure you write an entrance that is entertaining and fits your character. If you are the first to post, you may not use your opponent as any reference to your characters movements.

If you specified that one of the fighters would post the environment, then they should take first post. They need to be clear with all aspects of the land, listing any landmarks, obstacles, ect. that may be around. The entire arena should be described, so no surprise caves or walls. Anything not listed before the fight is started shall not count.

With all of this done, you're ready to get in there and bead each other down. Just some last points to watch for.

If you feel an opponent's move isn't quite right/possible, PM them and express your concern polity, and try to reach an agreement that way. If no agreement can be reached, PM the Mod who posted your thread. They will get both sides of the story and come to a fair compromise that best suits all parties. Don't be afraid to ask before it goes to far. This site was made for fun and good writing, and we will not tolerate OOC grudges.

No one but the combatants and the Mod assigned to the duel(or other relevant Mods) may post of the Arena thread. Anyone found doing so will receive a month ban from the Tatroi Arena, no exceptions.

When all fighters are done with the duel, PM your judge and they will get to it. The thread will be locked from any further post and the judge will post points, awards, and a short summery of all fighters strong/weak points. Then winner will be announce and added to the SORP DSI.

Victory isn't alway...victory
Judges don't just look at the end of the fight, but the whole thing. If your character "lost" the fight, but in general fought better through the whole battle, there is still a chance for a win. It's not just winning or losing, but winning or losing well!
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Arena Dueling Guide
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