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 Rules of Conduct

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PostSubject: Rules of Conduct   Rules of Conduct EmptyFri Dec 31, 2010 4:27 pm

The Star Ocean franchise and all of its content belongs to Square Enix. All Rights Reserved. This RPing site was created by fans of the series. It was created for the enjoyment of the fans of Star Ocean. So no copyright infringement is intended.

Site Rules
When RPing on this site, please show respect for fellow RPers. posting any pornographic content will result in immediate banning from the site. Please refrain from using any explicit language while posting in this site. You will be warned twice. On the third infraction you will be banned from the site.

Any godmodding or mary sues will be dealt with accordingly. Under review by the mods of this site, punishment will be carried out by a Pangalactic Federation Armada of 100 ships, so escape is impossible.

Any discrimination, racism, or prejudice will be dealt with immediately and with zero tolerance.

When RPing, please refrain from using all caps in a text. Unless of course it is in character (IC) and your yelling at someone. Also, try not and post anything like this:

I lIkE cApItAlIzInG eVeRy OtHeR lEtTeR




Please remember your at an RPing site. Proper English is used in RPing, not 1337 speak.

When a moderator or administrator is enforcing the rules of this site. No one is to argue with the decision being carried out. We will try to be as balanced and unbiased as possible in our decisions.

Any hacking or bugging of this site or its members is strictly forbidden. Upon proving that someone is using a bug or is hacking this site for his/her own benefit will result in the immediate banning of your account and IP adress.

We will occasionally send members emails to inform them of any major changes to this site or any major RPing additions or changes.

Please do not spam this site. Any spam will be deleted and you will be warned.

We are not responsible for any viruses contracted from using this site. This is just a disclaimer. I have used these sites for years and I have no problem with viruses.

Do not use canon names when naming your character. Any names from the Star Ocean franchise are considered canon. Please do not use names from other franchises when naming your character. Please be original.


Please do not scam anyone. That goes without saying. You will be banned and your IP will be reported.
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Rules of Conduct
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